April 26 @6:00 pm All regular track classes

May 3 @6:00 pm Modifieds 100 laps/$3G-to-win + all regular track classes + Micro Stocks

May 10 @6:00 pm All regular track classes + Small Car Enduro


A Healthy John Markovic Scores Mahoning Modified Win


   (LEHIGHTON, PA 4-19-14) A week ago during the season opener, John Markovic was qualified but missed the feature. The reason Ė he was rushed to Lehigh Valley Medical Center in Allentown because of an irregular heartbeat. He spent the rest of the weekend in the hospital and thankfully was released and back at work by Monday.

   Returning to race this past Saturday night, Markovicís clean bill of health was put to the test. Despite having the luxury of starting from the pole, once the race got underway he competed in 35 heart pounding laps and eked out a win over Chip Santee and prior to that went head-to-head with 14-year old rookie Kyle Strohl.

   "Last week at this time I was in the hospital with a 250-beat per minute heartbeat and my blood pressure was way high so this is a big turnaround from then to know," said the well-respected veteran Markovic. With Strohl flanked to his outside for the start, the pair quickly went into an outstanding duel for the lead with Markovic maintaining the advantage but just slightly.

   Markovic is over 40 years older than the upstart but the young lion, driving a Modified for just the second time, was wheeling alongside the master craftsman with precision and accuracy that only comes from years of experience. "Kyle Strohl is a fantastic driver and one day maybe he can drive for me," remarked Markovic. And as they put on their crowd pleasing race for the lead, Santee was closely trailing while clashing with Kris Graver for third.

  Under a lap 28 caution any chance of winning suddenly vanished for Strohl when his car lost power and he had to be pushed behind the wall. His demise allowed Santee the runner-up spot for the restart and once the action resumed he was fast enough to surge past Markovic and take the lead.

   Markovic was quick to return the favor on the ensuing lap and retook his position. From there to the finish he held off Santee to claim the hard earned victory. "I was just trying to take it easy. I didnít want to use up the 44 (Strohl) and I know I did with Chip (Santee). He had a little better start on that last restart," said Markovic, who garnered his 33rd track win. Kris Graver, Nevin George and Eric Beers completed the top five.

   Earl Paules raced to his second straight Late Model win but it was no easy task as he and Frankie Althouse gave the crowd a stirring duel for the lead in the waning laps of the race.

   In a torrid side-by-side battle for several laps near the end of the race they fought feverously until a caution with four laps to go brought the intense action to a halt. When the yellow had waved Paules was just inches ahead and thanks to a single file restart he then held Althouse at bay for the score.

   Josh Money won the Street Stock feature in a thrilling last lap pass for the lead. Matter of fact is was just a few feet prior to the checkers that he was able to take his only lead of the race.

   On the final lap Jamie Smith was going for the win but he unexpectedly lost power going into the final two turns. Second place runner Steven Steigerwalt was then forced to back off as he was trapped directly behind. Running third at the time, Mooney was alert to the situation and pulled outside of them both while within feet of the finish line.

   What was even more significant was Mooney got into the race as a provisional and started from 21st. It was the first time a driver ever won a feature in that way. The night was perfected when his brother, Justin Mooney, was awarded second place after Steigerwalt failed post-race inspection. The later Mooney also took over as the point leader.

   Defending Dirt Mod champ Jeff Parker rocketed his way around Billy Lowden, Jr., for the lead with seven laps to go and then cruised to victory. Point leader Kevin Graver, Jr., also got by Lowden in the final laps but was unable to do anything when it came to Parker who was too strong for him and everyone else.

   Jake Kibler has gotten off to a great start in the Pro 4 division as he collected his second straight win. Kibler took the lead on a lap 13 restart from early pacesetter Dave Chapman. He then held off Nick Baer who for the second time.

   After a dismal showing in the previous weekís opener, Hobby Stock champion Corey Edelman bounced back with a flawless run, leading all laps en route to getting his first win of 2014.


Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. John Markovic, 2. Chip Santee, 3. Kris Graver, 4. Nevin George, 5. Eric Beers, 6. Roger Coss, 7. Matt Hirschman, 8. Brandon Oltra, 9. Earl Paules, 10. Brain DeFebo, 11. Glenn Slocum, 12. Bobby Jones, 13. Brian Romig, 14. Terry Markovic, 15. Jim Bojonny, 16. Don Wagner, 17. Kyle Strohl, 18. Troy Bollinger DNS: Rick Kirkendall

Late Model (25 Laps): 1. Earl Paules, 2. Frankie Althouse, 3. Paul Effrig, 4. Paul Koehler, Jr., 5. George Ramos, 6. Geno Steigerwalt, 7. Mike Sweeney, 8. Kenny Hein, 9. Jeremy Miller, 10. Danielle Paules, 11. Jacob Nemeth, 12. Jacob Kerstetter, 13. Dave Imler

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Josh Mooney, 2. Justin Mooney, 3. Jillian Long, 4. Lonnie Behler, Sr., 5. Jamie Smith, 6. Jason Kuhn, 7. Cody Roth, 8. Aaron Kromer, 9. Jared Ahner, 10. TJ Gursky, 11. Dennis Buss, 12. Zach Graver, 13. Willie Knappenberger, 14. Todd Ahner, 15. Stacey Brown, 16. Lonnie Behler, Jr., 17. Chip Wanamaker, 18. Gene Bowers, 19. Mark Rogers, 20. Randy Ahner, Jr., 21. Jonathan Tracey DQ: Steven Steigerwalt DNQ: Dan Freundt, BJ Wambold, Tiff Wambold, Logan Boyer, Matt Wentz

Dirt Modified Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Jeff Parker, 2. Kevin Graver, Jr., 3. Billy Lowden, Jr., 4. Ray Deemer, 5. Aleia Geisler, 6. Mike Stofflet, 7. JP Curry, 8. Ricky Yetter, 9. Billy Lasko, 10. Jack Ely, 11. Brian Fucili

Pro 4 Feature Finish (20 Laps): 1. Jake Kibler, 2. Nick Baer, 3. Bobby Kibler, Jr., 4. Jason Muffley, 5. Dave Chapman, 6. Cody Kohler, 7. Jesse Snyder, 8. Tyler Stangle, 9. Chad Miller, 10. Kailyn Beers

Hobby Stock Feature Finish (15 Laps): 1. Corey Edelman, 2. Jeff Biegley, 3. Steve McDonough, 4. Colby Getz, 5. Shayne Getz, 6. Cody Geist, 7. Tim Oswald, 8. Steve Sennott, 9. Shawn Hoffman


Matt Janisch Opens ATQMRA Season With Strong Run At Mahoning Valley Speedway



   (LEHIGHTON, PA 4-19-14)  Matt Janisch proved no contest for the competition as he cruised to the opening win of the 2014 season for the ATQMRA. It marked the second consecutive opening night win for the Nazareth resident who piloted his home built No. 48 to his fourth career win at Mahoning Valley.

   Janisch started second and at the drop of Bob Stullís race commencing green he outgunned Earl Paules for the opening lap lead. From there on he was no match for the rest of the pack as he pulled further and further ahead with each passing lap, taking the checkered flag by over 4-seconds.

    "The car was great and really fast right from the beginning. It actually started getting loose on me near the end and I see I blistered the right rear but all in all it was nice way to get the year rolling," said Janisch. "We always like coming here to Mahoning Valley. Itís such a neat place to race, they always get a good crowd and the racing is always close."

     The TQís are famous for their blistering speeds at Mahoning and Janisch evidenced that by turning the fastest lap of the race at 8.966-seconds and 100.379 mph.  "Itís wild to say the least. Iíve never gotten dizzy here but Iíve heard of other people that have. You just have to stay focused and make sure youíre looking far enough ahead of you because things can happen real fast here. Itís definitely the most intense racing Iíve ever done in these cars. Under 9-seconds is a fast lap," said Janisch.

    While Janisch was running away from the pack Frank Fischer and Joey Bailey provided the best action as they battled closely for second. With three laps to go Fischer was able to sneak past Bailey by utilizing lapped traffic. Buddy Sload and Paules rounded out the top five. Paules and Janisch copped heat wins.

    Three time and defending ATQMRA champion Ryan Tidman got off to a very uncharacteristic bad start. During his heat the rear end failed on his always potent No. 1B. The car was unable to be fixed in time for the feature but thanks to the Roselli team a car was loaned to Tidman for the main event. Unfortunately he did not fare much better as he had a rare DNF and was credited with last place.

   The Mahoning race was the first of the "Triple Crown" events. All finishers are now eligible to share in the special $1500 bonus money that will be divided to those who run a the next two Triple Crown races which take place  at Bethel Motor Speedway in White Lake, NY on June 21 and conclude at Oswego Speedwayís inner oval as part of the Bud Light Classic Weekend on August 30.  The ATQMRA heads next to New Jerseyís Wall Stadium Speedway on May 17 then Borgerís Speedway on Saturday, June 7.


TQ Midget Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Matt Janisch, 2. Frank Fischer, 3. Joey Bailey, 4. Buddy Sload, 5. Earl Paules, 6. Geoffrey Sutton, 7. Mark Rogers, 8. Blu Metz, 9. Matt Roselli, 10. Ryan Tidman


Defending Champ Eric Beers Doesnít Miss A BeatÖ

Wins Mahoning Valley Speedway Modified Opener 100-lapper



  (LEHIGHTON, PA 4-12-14) When Eric Beers climbed from his race car after winning the Opening Night 100-lap feature at Mahoning Valley Speedway, the defending track champion explained how out of shape he felt from the grind of the century run. His performance, however, showed otherwise.

  Without missing a beat from his record setting season of a year ago, Beers took the lead from Austin Kochenash on lap 36 then set sail in claiming his 10th win in a Mahoning extra distance event. The victory was worth a cool $4000, the largest amount ever awarded for a 100-lapper.

  "I am really spent after that one," said Beers while in Victory Lane. "I realize now how out of shape I am but wow what a way to start off the season. My hatís off to Floyd Santee (promoter) who did an awesome job putting this night together. We have a full house of fans and a super field of cars."

  After a straight-up start from the heat finishes Beers started sixth and needed just three laps to make his way into the top five.

  Pole sitter Rick Kirkendall jumped into the early lead with Matt Hirschman and Kochenash running a close second and third respectively. Next in line came Roger Coss. Through the beginning laps Kirkendall was holding off repeated attempts by Hirschman and Kochenash. But, a game changer took place while under a lap 14 caution. Scott Meckes brought out the yellow when he dumped liquid in turn three. During the extended cleanup Hirschman had to pit for a right front flat. A few moments later Kirkendall when off after overheating. That allowed Kochenash to advance to first place with Beers second. When the race resumed Kochenash was firm and looking to repeat his Opening Night win from a year ago. Beers, though, had other thoughts as by lap 20 he went to the high side and began a torrid side-by-side battle for the lead.

  Kochenash was holding his line and made Beers work hard on every lap they raced together. Beers even backed off a time or two in order to refocus his route of attack but it was soon evident that if he was going to complete the pass it had to come from the outside lane. He again took to the high road and this time used a surge of momentum to leap by and take the lead as 36 laps went into the books. "Austin (Kochenash) is always tough to pass especially at this place. We ran clean and Iím sure the fans got a thrill from how close we were. It was just good hard racing which is what you get here. This is why we donít run the (NASCAR) Whelen Modified Tour anymore, we love being back here at Mahoning," said Beers, who won for the 37th time at Mahoning.

  Once in the lead there would be no stopping him. That included a late caution with eight laps to go. Kochenash knew that would be perhaps his last chance at Beers on the restart but it was to no avail as the champ showed no signs off backing off and went on to score the win. "Second was good tonight especially when you look at all the cars here and the competition," said Kochenash. "We just didnít have the car to run with Eric (Beers). He drove a great race. That last restart was a chance to get him but I had used up a lot on the previous restart." Third spot went to Nevin George who came on strong near the end and dueled with Hirschman until the final laps to secure the position. Coss completed the top five.

  The 50-lap Late Model race became a championís duel as two-time and defending champ Earl Paules and three-time champion Paul Koehler, Jr., faced off. Back and forth they ran over the early going but once past the midway juncture Paules proved the better of the two and went on to win the $1200 first place prize offering and his 22nd Late Model win. Frankie Althouse, Mike Sweeney and Geno Steigerwalt all ran within reach of the top two and gave notice to what looks to be a highly competitive field this season.

  The Street Stocks had 28 cars signed in which made for some intense action in attempting to gain a spot on the starting grid for the 50 lap feature. When all was said in done it was Mahoningís all-time wins leader, Todd Ahner who bested everyone as he started from the pole and then led every lap en route to his 29th win. In typical Mahoning Street Stock style there was side-by-side action throughout the race. Justin Mooney was right on Ahnerís bumper when they crossed the finish line while TJ Gursky and Jillian Long provided plenty of dueling action in garnering third and fourth at the conclusion.

  The 40-lap Dirt Mod event went to Kris Graver who was driving a car prepared by class regular Ricky Yetter. The 2013 Modified division Rookie of the Year jumped into the Yetter mount and showed why he is a past Dirt Mod champion. Running very smooth and fast laps, he zipped underneath his uncle, Kevin Graver, Jr., on lap 17 and never looked back as he cruised to a solid three car length margin of victory. Yetter settled for third with Mike Stofflet and reigning champ Jeff Parker rounding out the top five.

  Jake Kibler scored his second straight Opening Night win in the Pro 4ís while Jeff Biegley was awarded the Hobby Stock verdict after Cody Geistís car was disqualified due to a height infraction.

Modified Feature Finish (100 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Austin Kochenash, 3. Nevin George, 4. Matt Hirschman, 5. Roger Coss, 6. Don Wagner, 7. Brian DeFebo, 8. Kris Graver, 9. Earl Paules, 10. Shawna Ingram, 11. Brian Romig, 12. Chip Santee, 13. Glenn Slocum, 14. Rick Kirkendall, 14. Todd Baer, 15. Jason Zatsko, 17. Scott Meckes, 18. Terry Markovic, 19. Troy Bollinger, 20. Kyle Strohl

DNS: John Markovic DNQ: Tony Zatsko, Eric Mauriello\

Late Model (50 Laps): 1.Earl Paules, 2. Paul Koehler, Jr., 3. Frankie Althouse, 4. Mike Sweeney, 5. Geno Steigerwalt, 6. Kenny Hein, 7. Danielle Paules, 8. Paul Effrig, 9. George Ramos, 10. Jacob Nemeth, 11. Mark Tyson, 12. Dave Imler, 13. Jeremy Miller, 14. Jacob Kerstetter, 15. Scott Kotran

Street Stock Feature Finish (50 Laps): 1. Todd Ahner, 2. Justin Mooney, 3. TJ Gursky, 4. Jillian Long, 5. Steven Steigerwalt, 6. Zach Graver, 7. Jason Kuhn, 8. Josh Mooney, 9. Chip Wanamaker, 10. Stacey Brown, 11. Lonnie Behler, 12. Aaron Kromer, 13. Cody Roth, 14. Willie Knappenberger, 15. BJ Wambold, 16. Dan Freundt, 17. Gene Bowers, 18. Tiff Wambold, 19. Matt Wentz, 20. Jonathan Tracey, 21. Randy Ahner, Jr.

DNQ: Lonnie Behler, Jr., Jared Ahner, Mark Rogers, Paul Morgan, Jr., Jamie Smith, Dennis Buss, Mike Garris, Jr.,

Dirt Modified Feature Finish (40 Laps): 1. Kris Graver, 2. Kevin Graver, Jr., 3. Ricky Yetter, 4. Mike Stofflet, 5. Jeff Parker, 6. JP Curry, 7. Aleia Geisler, 8. Jack Ely, 9. Billy Lowden, Jr., 10. Billy Lasko, 11. Ray Deemer, 12. Brian Fucili

Pro 4 Feature Finish (18 Laps): 1. Jake Kibler, 2. Nick Baer, 3. Bobby Kibler, Jr., 4. Tyler Stangle, 5. Jesse Snyder, 6. JD Light, 7, Chad Miller, 8. Cody Kohler, 9. Dave Chapman, 10. Kailyn Beers

Hobby Stock Feature Finish (15 Laps): 1. Jeff Biegley, 2. Steve McDonough, 3. Tim Oswald, 4. Scott Roth, 5. Rich Mutarelli, 6. Shawn Hoffman, 7. Shane Geist, 8. Corey Edelman DQ: Cody Geist